Whiplash or Car Accident: Why Suffer?

While damage to your car may be minimal, you still have considerable joint and soft tissue damage.

Dr. Kjaer, Victoria Family Chiropractor, may help if you have:

  • headache
  • neck pain or numbness
  • dizziness or blurred vision
  • pain/numbness in the shoulders/arms/hands
  • low energy
  • reduced ability to turn/bend the neck or back
  • tight muscles or stiff joints
  • poor or irregular sleep
  • low back ache


An injury to the neck caused by the sudden movement of the head backward, forward or sideways is referred to as “whiplash”. Joints and soft tissues are damaged. The symptoms could appear days or even weeks later. When the head is suddenly jerked back and forth, the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine and head are over-stretched or torn, reducing range of motion and injuring joints. If left untreated, pain, scar tissue and permanent damage can occur. Whiplash happens most commonly when riding in a car that collides with another object. It could also occur from a sudden impact from a fall or playing sports.


It might seem a simple solution to take aspirin and drugs to cover up these symptoms, but the actual cause of the injury is not being addressed.

Dr. Kjaer’s approach to whiplash injuries is to help return full function to all the damaged tissues ie. joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves and/or discs. Treatment includes repositioning damaged joints and rehabilitating the soft tissues. This reduces swelling, restores proper movement and accelerates healing of injured soft tissues. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize the amount of scar tissue that forms. Chiropractic care can minimize any permanent weakness from the accident and delay the onset of arthritis.

Many people are referred to this office for help after a car accident or whiplash injury. Unfortunately, massage and physical therapy only address one component of the injuries: muscles. Dr. Kjaer takes a wholistic approach. Our goal is to return you to your normal activities as soon as possible. If a thorough examination reveals reduced range of motion, loss of normal spinal curves or mechanical restrictions, Dr. Kjaer can make a difference.

Dr. Kjaer utilizes treatments to correct this and other musculo-skeletal problems. Ultimately, we can help you get more out of your life: family time, hobbies, physical activities, work, etc.

Change your life. There is hope.

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Judy wrote an appreciative testimonial:

“I should start by saying I was never a great believer in Chiropractic care.  However, I had a car accident that changed my life forever.  I was taken to the hospital and the Doctor told me I would be a bit sore for a few days but it was nothing to worry about.  For the next eight months I spent 80% of my day laying on the floor in a pill induced stupor.  I had severe muscle spasms in my lower back.  I couldn’t work.  I couldn’t even walk more than a few feet at a time.  I couldn’t lift my right arm high enough to comb my hair … The pain was incredible.  After 8 months of doctors telling me they could find no “medical” reason for my pain I, in absolute desperation, decided to see a chiropractor.

I literally crawled into his office on my hands and knees  … I left walking.  Don’t get me wrong, I still had plenty of pain to deal with but for the first time in 8 months I felt a small measure of relief.  It was wonderful.  What a relief to finally have confirmation that the pain was real, and better yet … that in time, with regular chiropractic care, the pain would become manageable. 

It’s hard to believe that such a little misalignment could disrupt your life to such a degree and cause so much emotional and physical suffering.  I am so grateful for Dr. Kjaer’s help.  He has provided me with educational information which has helped me to better understand my injury.  If I had this information right away, this would not have become a permanent injury.  I am forever grateful that I found Dr. Kjaer and with regular visits, a pain management solution that works for me. 

It is encouraging to know there are people like Dr. Kjaer working to dispel the myths and educate the public about Chiropractic care”.