Headache: Why Suffer?

Headaches are a sign that something is wrong!

Dr. Kjaer, Victoria Family Chiropractor, may help if you have:

  • pain in your temples or behind your eye
  • tension type headache and/or migraines
  • pain in the back of your head on one or both sides
  • pain, muscle spasms or tension in the neck, upper back or shoulders
  • dizziness or loss of balance
  • a child complaining of a headache. Their backpack, falls, poor posture or sports injuries can cause serious postural misalignments. Children benefit from chiropractic care too.


Possible causes

Headaches are so common that some people think they are just a normal part of life. There are many causes of headaches including emotional stress and worry, sitting for long periods of time, a fall, a sports injury, whiplash from a car accident, etc. Headaches could be from one incident that is life altering or they could be from a series of trivial incidents that eventually cause symptoms. Usually, it is the typical activities we do day-to-day in our busy lives that create headaches.


When bones of the spine lose their normal position or motion, sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head can be affected. When muscles are tight or over-stretched they can irritate other tissues. Dr. Kjaer can alleviate your pain and symptoms by applying massage, chiropractic and physical therapy. This is why Dr. Kjaer takes a wholistic approach.

It might seem a simple solution to take aspirin and drugs to cover up the pain or symptoms, but the actual cause of the headaches is not being addressed.

Many people find relief with chiropractic care. If a thorough examination reveals reduced range of motion, loss of normal spinal curves, mechanical restrictions, short ligaments or tight muscles, Dr. Kjaer can make a difference and alleviate the day-to-day tension that builds up in each of us.

Tension type headaches are the most common, affecting more than 75% of all headache sufferers. People with migraines will also find relief. Much of Dr. Kjaer’s practice is treating and correcting headaches. A very common reason people are referred to this office is for headaches.

Dr. Kjaer utilizes treatments to correct this and other musculo-skeletal problems. Ultimately, we can help you get more out of your life: family time, hobbies, physical activities, work, etc.

Trust Dr. Kjaer to change your life!

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Brenda wrote a testimonial of our office:

“I first came to see Dr. Kjaer seeking relief from migraine attacks and constant headaches.  I was fairly sceptical on my initial visit, but I was tired of taking strong painkillers and never really getting any relief from the constant headaches, so I was willing to try just about anything.

Dr. Kjaer was very receptive to my many questions and answered all of them without making me feel like I was annoying.  He was extremely patient and explained each treatment before he did anything. 

I have found almost immediate relief from the migraines and the tension headaches but in addition, I have found that the tension in my shoulders and my back is gone and I have more mobility in my neck and shoulders.

I have found Dr. Kjaer to take a genuine interest in my care.  I continually tell my co-workers, family members and friends about the tremendous way he has helped me”.