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Car Accident, Whiplash

movement_7f7fe986dd9fa5154cad123e594d2fce[1]My name is Katlin Cota and I am 23 years old.  In January of 2011 I was in an accident where the truck rolled a few times. Soon after the accident I started getting bad headaches; my neck was very stiff and the mobility was greatly decreased. My neck down to my tailbone felt very stiff and was often very painful and things only seemed to be getting worse. I started to become frustrated with my body not being able to hold up to the simple tasks of everyday life without aggravating my injuries.  After about a month I was told I needed to seek chiropractic treatment and was very lucky to be referred to Dr. Kjaer.  I had never been to a chiropractor before.

From the beginning he provided lots of good advice and suggestions that would improve my healing.  Since I started with Dr. Kjaer I have noticed a night and day difference in my overall quality of life.  My back isn’t in constant pain nor waking me up at night; I can shoulder check without moving my entire body; the headaches have become far less frequent; the pain has decreased and I have gained much mobility. Both me and my girlfriend have noticed a positive improvement in my attitude.  Overall, everything he has said would happen has.  I have lots of trust that Dr. Kjaer will continue to improve my health and highly recommend his help to every one of all ages.  Dr. Kjaer and Pat have gone out of their way more that once to adjust to my hectic schedule and have been more than understanding the whole way.

 Back and Neck Pain

joyMy name is Jym Wilson and I am 37 years old.  Prior to undergoing chiropractic care with Dr. Kjaer I had been suffering from back and neck pain, sore joints and body discomfort.  I injured my back in 1988 while skiing.  I took only the minimal steps to heal from this (including my first not-so-good experience with a chiropractor) and continued on ignoring the problem.

Throughout the past 24 years my back pain remained a quiet hum, sometimes flaring up quite badly which would cause me to lie around.  My neck started to become stiff for many months leading up to seeing Dr. Kjaer.  Most morning as I awoke, as soon as my neck would move, I would feel a sharp and severe pain or kink.  In order to be able to turn my head comfortably I would have to slowly massage and move my neck to get the kink to dissipate.  I was actually fairly unaware that my body was stiff and sore most of the time.  When you live with something for years and years it becomes the norm.

It wasn’t until I started chiropractic care that I realized that I was becoming less stiff and sore.  These issues affected me in many ways. For example, I would dread playing various sports such as squash or floor hockey due to the amount of pain I would feel afterward and the length of recovery time.  Sometimes I would just avoid the activity all together.  This caused health issues such as being overweight which is something I am also overcoming.  I have become more active and less apprehensive.

My wife had been a patient of Dr. Kjaer for about a year and after watching me suffer every morning and knowing my back problems she recommended chiropractic care.  I was against the idea due to past experiences from my teenage years when I had originally hurt my back. However that all changed in January 2012 when I twisted my back getting out of the shower and I became unable to move.  I knew action had to be taken.  I should have listened long before, but I am stubborn.

The initial consultation was great.  Dr. Kjaer, through speaking with my wife, understood my apprehension and was very careful to not push me away.  However, I was also willing to do what it took to resolve my issues all together. After thoroughly discussing my symptoms and history as well as my chiropractic experiences, he took his time and gave me a comprehensive examination. Dr. Kjaer has exceeded my expectations not only with my regular adjustments but also in other areas.  For example, Dr. Kjaer offers a free workshop in which he discusses among other things, the importance and the inner workings of one’s spinal cord and how proper posture and correct body movement can help put off arthritic symptoms.  As well, I was shown daily, proper stretching techniques, which have assisted with my progress.  And progress examinations are done often, in which Dr. Kjaer compares his findings from my previous visits and discusses our future plans.

Chiropractic care has worked for me.  I noticed changes within the first month.  I was sore after the first few weeks as my body started to adjust and become accustomed to the visits.  Now I feel great.  My back is still sore sometimes, but I am also more active and the pain is much more manageable.

One of my favourite attributes of Dr. Kjaer is that he always informs me well in advance on the next step in my journey.  He lets me know how many weeks till the frequency of my visits will decrease, how long until my next progress report or when we will start working on core strengthening.  I also appreciate the fact that the more effort I put in to my health the more I gain from seeing Dr. Kjaer.  Chiropractic care is a two way street.  I would and have recommended Dr. Kjaer to those who I feel would benefit from seeing him.


Young Men Chasing Young Women at BeachMy name is Joan. I am a female in my 50’s who suffers from painful arthritis. I came to an info lecture with my husband. He has a back problem and has improved with treatment from Dr. Kjaer.

I found out at the lecture that there is help for my arthritis with chiropractic care.  I decided to try it.  For many years, I have had painful arthritis in my hands, feet and ankles.  My fingers were inflamed and swollen and starting to appear deformed. I also had trouble walking when I got out of bed or after sitting for any length of time.  I was losing my mobility in my hands and feet.  I was in pain most of the time.  I was using a lot of Tylenol to cope with the pain.

I have noticed an improvement with treatment almost right away.  The swelling has gone down in my feet and ankles.  I have a more flexible back and have very little trouble walking normally now.  The thickness around my ankles is gone.  I have very little pain there now.  I use a lot less Tylenol and the swelling in my hands is almost gone.  My fingers look normal again.  They are still a little swollen and painful at times, but a lot less.  I am able to have almost a normal life again.

I am keeping up my treatments and recommend Dr. Kjaer to family and friends and to anyone suffering with arthritis or joint pain.  He has helped me a lot and I thank him.

 Children, Colic

baby on backHi, my name is Noah and I am 3 ½ years old.  I have been going to Dr. Kjaer since I was 8 weeks old.  From birth I was very colicky, snored when sleeping, snorted when awake, only slept 1 ½ hours at a time and could only turn my head in one direction.

My Mother researched colic by talking to many Dr’s, professionals, other parents and the internet.  Everyone said that colic will go away after 3 months, but she thought there must be a medical reason why colic exists.  And if we know the cause, we’ll know how to cure, thus not subjecting our children to this painful time.  Finally upon talking with one professional, I was referred to Dr. Kjaer as he was known to cure colic.

Dr. Kjaer examined me thoroughly and it was determined that 2 bones at the top of my neck were out of alignment to the left.  (Affecting the nasal passage).  To compensate, 1 bone at the top of the back was out of alignment to the right.  (Affecting the digestive system, ie. colic).  He advised that this typically can happen during the birth process.

After 3 treatments of carefully applying pressure to these bones to put them back into place, I was no longer nasally and not as bothered by colic.  My body was becoming in better alignment. I was not so uncomfortable or sore and was able to sleep 4 hours at a time.  Time and more treatments only made it better.

I have been attending Dr. Kjaer every 8 weeks since and will continue to do so as I grow and challenge my body through play/sports, etc.  Dr. Kjaer has always remained professional, thorough in his examinations and relates very well to us kids!  My family and I recommend him highly and we never thought twice about bringing my little sister Lily in for a check up after she was born.

Sports Injuries, Activator Technique

rider winsHello my name is Cody Struck. I am a 23 year old male who is very active.  3 years ago I was injured in a rugby game and suffered a concussion.  I gave myself close to six weeks off from playing until I was symptom free and tried to play again. Again I got hit in the head and suffered another concussion.

For the next 2 years I went close to everyday with headaches and neck pain.  All the doctors and trainers told me to take time off from training and rest, and that the symptoms would eventually go away. Quite some time passed and the headaches were still there, not getting any better.

I looked on the internet and found some stories from other people that have suffered from post concussion syndrome.  One guy mentioned these herbal pills from Europe so I looked them up, ordered the pills and took them for 2 months.  After 2 months I did not notice any difference so I went back to the internet.

Another guy mentioned that acupuncture and massage helped him overcome the symptoms.  Yet again I found a clinic that did acupuncture and massage and tried this for 3 months.  The massage helped a little with the neck pain but still the headaches were still there.

At this point I was losing hope and figured I was going to have to live with this the rest of my life.  My twin brother, who strangely suffers from the same thing found an article on the web about the activator method. We did a bunch of reading on it and found that a lot of people found that this type of chiropractic care really helped them out.  So we looked up on the web to find a place close to home that practised this method.

Dr. Kjaer was the only doctor we could find.  We both made an appointment and drove 50 minutes to Victoria and talked with both Pat and Dr. Kjaer. He did a quick evaluation and set up an appointment for later in the week.

When I first started seeing Dr. Kjaer I was going 3 times a week. Within the first 2 weeks I was having much fewer headaches a day and my neck was feeling much better.  Eventually things were starting to feel great and I only needed to see him 2 times a week.  Today in my treatment I see Dr. Kjaer and Pat once or twice every three weeks.  The headaches have completely gone away and my neck feels great.

Through out treatment I set goals on what I wanted to accomplish along the road to recovery.  When I first started seeing Dr. Kjaer I was not able to do any physical activity. As treatment went on and thing got better in time I started to lightly ride a bike at the gym with no weight lifting.  As things further progressed I started to lightly incorporate weights into my training and now I am full blown training.  I feel like I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Dr. Kjaer. 

My only other goal which I am still working on to this day is I would like to step back on the field and play rugby once again.  I would like to thank Pat and Dr. Kjaer for being so helpful in my recovery and would recommend their clinic to anyone who may suffer from symptoms like mine.


imagesCAINDKH0I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember.  I have seen doctors, doctors and more doctors, and tried medication after medication. I struck out with everything.

As the years went by the symptoms changed with more side effects and longer duration and more frequent attacks, as frequent as once a week, and up to 3-4 days.  These headaches have affected my life and have always determined my life choices, whether work or at home.

I moved to Victoria at the end of 2009 and decided to let go of the idea of finding a doctor that could figure this out without just throwing a prescription at me.  What about massage, chiropractic care, yoga and physical fitness.

I wanted a Chiropractor that practiced the Activator Technique and it turns out that Dr. Kjaer is the only chiropractor on the island that has been certified in this method.  So I called Pat and was met with a warm and helpful greeting.  I found my first appointment well prepared and informative.

By the second visit I was impressed that Dr. Kjaer took the time to prepare the right plan for me, what I needed to feel better.  Throughout my continued visits with Dr. Kjaer he has always provided up to date progress reports to keep on track and make all necessary adjustments to our long term plan.  I have found that my headaches have lessened over the time seeing Dr. Kjaer. There has been greater length between each headache, as I can now go a couple weeks without one.

I can certainly recommend the office of Dr. Kjaer for Chiropractic health care.  It is a great experience in health care and a successful one too! Crystal Merriman

Activator Technique for Shoulder & Knee Pain and Low Energy

husband and wifeMy name is Andrea and I am 37 years old, although when I first came for chiropractic treatment I felt much older.  When I found Dr. Kjaer’s name on the Activator website, I called and was surprised to get an appointment for later that week.

While I was suffering from upper back and neck pain most of the time, my biggest problem was anxiety and the lack of energy that goes with it.  Work was very tiring and days off were spent mainly resting.  Household chores took a backseat. This was not a new thing for me.  It had been going on for three or four years.

During that first appointment Dr. Kjaer listened carefully to not only my health complaints but also to the details of my work and home life needs.  As a nurse and a former chiropractic patient I had previous knowledge of how chiropractic care could help.

Dr. Kjaer was able to explain things more thoroughly and invited me to his education program to learn more.  This information night helped me to become aware of the everyday habits I needed to change to improve my spinal health and therefore my overall health. After two months of treatment I noticed my neck and back were feeling better and after referring my husband for his shoulder and knee pain, we both began to sleep better. Three months after my initial visit I had enough energy to not only get caught up on the housework but also to start going for walks three times a week.

Today, thanks to Dr. Kjaer’s encouragement and understanding, I am enjoying life more, doing overtime on my days off and even taking kayaking lessons!  Chiropractic is a great complimentary therapy for everyone and Dr. Kjaer Family Chiropractor is a great place to receive care.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

images[4]I have been a patient of Dr. Kjaer’s for two years. His technique is different from previous chiropractors that I have visited and I find it suits me.

Approximately a year and half ago I had a fall and required a cast on my arm for eight weeks.  After the cast was removed, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  My hands had a tingling sensation and even though I wore a brace on my hand at night, it was so painful it woke me up several times during the night.

I went for one physio visit as recommended by my doctor and started doing hand exercises.  I was also seeing Dr. Kjaer for lower back problems and he worked on my hand and arm muscles as well.

I went back to the hospital one month after having my cast removed.  The orthopedic surgeon said if the carpal tunnel did not subside after three months that I should consider having surgery.  If I had opted to do that, I would have been off work for three months, maybe longer.

Dr. Kjaer said that he could work with me and eventually things would get better.  I must admit that I was a “Doubting Thomas”, but the thought of surgery and recovery time was not an option for me.

I am happy to say the Dr. Kjaer was indeed correct and the sensation disappeared.  I thank him immensely for that.  It didn’t happen overnight, but it DID HAPPEN!

I sit in front of a computer most of the day.  I visit Dr. Kjaer every three weeks for an adjustment.  Soon that will be reduced to once a month.  I believe it is a proactive approach to keep me in good physical shape.

I recommend him highly. Neela Paige

Posture and Core Stabilization

triathlon startI started having back pains in Afghanistan in 2009. I had a few acute injuries as well as ongoing trauma during my every day work-life. I saw three different chiropractors over the course of the next two years. They were able to deal with acute problems but the issue seemed to return after a few months.

I have been seeing Dr. Kjaer off and on for a year now and I have not had any recurring back problems. What’s more, he was able to help mobilize my knee and hip which were also problems.

He also found some issues in my neck and corrected these before permanent problems could develop. What at that time was just a stiffness in my neck could have become more pressing pain in the future.

Dr. Kjaer examined my entire gait and discovered that my posture was slanted to one side. In this he targeted both my back and hips to introduce symmetry into my posture. This imbalance had been triggering recurring back injuries and constant hip pain.

Dr. Kjaer was also able to see me on short notice when I had an emergency. I had torn something in my back and had already gone to the ER for it as I was having troubles breathing with the injury.

Within a day of that session I felt 70% better and after seeing him every day for three consecutive days it was almost completely resolved. Note that this injury had felt life altering at the time, but within a week was basically non-existent.

I think that Dr. Kjaer can do more for most people than an average chiropractor. Through the exercises he taught me he was touching on a lot of the same things a physiotherapist would, but also resolving the issue as a chiropractor. In this sense Dr. Kjaer was addressing my issue in more than one way.

I think it is more effective to combine both approaches: mobilization and strengthening through exercises which he teaches and through the specific, precise manipulations he personally administers.

I think to make the most of his approach you really need to see him over a few months. I felt the most progress seeing him twice a week over a three month period. In other situations I only saw him for a month at a time and the gains were not as dramatic. This is my personal experience with dealing with Dr. Kjaer.

Thank you for reading, Ben Hess.

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