As a Victoria chiropractor, I love what I do. I care about health and people. For me, there is nothing more gratifying than getting people back to their favourite activities. Results. Success.

I would like to share a letter I received from a patient. I wish I could get the message out to the residents of Victoria, British Columbia in a better way, so they will think about the benefits of chiropractic and the unique holistic approach we take to get results for our patients from Southern Vancouver Island. Sometimes I wonder if when I speak so positively about the results we achieve for people, it seems like selling… but, No.

To put it simply: I believe in what we do!

Here’s a testimonial I received, written by Ben Hess:

I started having back pains in Afghanistan in 2009. I had a few acute injuries as well as ongoing trauma during my every day work-life. I saw three different chiropractors over the course of the next two years. They were able to deal with acute problems but the issue seemed to return after a few months.

I have been seeing Dr. Richard Kjaer off and on for a year now and I have not had any recurring back problems. What’s more, he was able to help mobilize my knee and hip, which were also problems.

He also found some issues in my neck and corrected these before permanent problems could develop. What at that time was just a stiffness in my neck could have become more pressing pain in the future.

Dr. Kjaer examined my entire gait, and discovered that my posture was slanted to one side. In this he targeted both my back and hips to introduce symmetry into my posture. This imbalance was likely what had been triggering recurring back injuries and constant hip pain.

Dr. Kjaer was also able to see me on short notice when I had an emergency. I had torn something in my back and had already gone to the ER for it as I was having troubles breathing with the injury. Within a day of that session I felt 70% better and after seeing him every day for three consecutive days it was almost completely resolved. Note that this injury had felt life altering at the time, but within a week was basically non-existent.

I think that Dr.Kjaer can do more for most people than an average chiropractor. Through the exercises he taught me he was touching on a lot of the same things a physiotherapist would, but also resolving the issue as a chiropractor. In this sense Dr.Kjaer was addressing my issue in more than one way. I think it is more effective to combine both approaches, one of mobilization and strengthening through exercises which he teaches, and through the specific, precise manipulations he personally administers.

I think to make the most of his approach you really need to see him over a few months. I felt the most progress seeing him twice a week over a three month period. In other situations I only saw him for a month at a time and the gains were not as dramatic. This is my personal experience with dealing with Dr. Kjaer.

Thank you for reading,
Ben Hess

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