Office Space

  • Maximum capacity in reception area is three patients – fewer chairs in reception area and spaced out appropriately to ensure social distancing
  • Magazines, reading material, hangers and toys have been removed from reception area and treatment rooms to ensure there is nothing to be touched by patients that cannot regularly be cleaned
  • All doors kept open to ensure door handles do not need to be touched
  • New signage posted at the entrance to office to update patients of new office policies and procedures
  • Plexiglass at reception will be cleaned daily
  • Pin pad will be cleaned after each use
  • All surfaces in common areas will be cleaned multiple times per day


  • Keep patients separate – while patient in room 1 another is put in room 2
  • Patients must wear a mask
  • Upon arrival, all patients will be asked if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness
  • Patients who are exhibiting symptoms are asked not to enter the office and be tested and rebook only when they are well
  • Patients are asked to arrive not more than 5 minutes early to minimize the number of patients in the reception area
  • Patients are asked to come to their appointments alone unless they require assistance; all visitors will be asked to wait in the hallway or in their cars
  • Patients will be asked to cancel their appointment if they have any symptoms of illness

Staff and Chiropractor

  • Staff will wash hands regularly and after each handling of cash, pin pad, paperwork from patients, handling of credit cards
  • Staff will inform chiropractor if they are exhibiting symptoms
  • Staff have been instructed to raise health and safety concerns to chiropractor
  • Chiropractor and staff will wear a mask
  • Chiropractor will wash hands between each patient
  • Chiropractor or staff will not attend work if they have any symptoms of illness
  • Staff and chiropractor personally commit to practicing the provincially recommended social distancing guidelines; hygiene practices will be maintained at home
  • Staff and chiropractor commit to staying informed of all policy changes and all steps mandated by public health officials

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