Your Well-being is Our Priority

Many treatment techniques and cutting edge healing technologies are offered to create results for you. 

Pain Relief.

Dr. Kjaer, Victoria Family Chiropractor, applies treatment to any and all joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs and nerves in the spine and extremities that require treatment.

Hands-on Manual Adjusting Technique and Instrument-assisted Activator Technique. Like with any treatment, results vary from person to person.

Extended Health Plans, whether from your employer or privately purchased, reimburse part of your cost at this office. University of Victoria students also have a health plan to reimburse part of their cost.

Working with WCB. Our goal is to return you to work as soon as possible after a workplace injury. The Workers’ Compensation Board may pay for some or all of your care.

Working with ICBC. After a car accident, whether at fault or not, Dr. Kjaer will work with you, your ICBC adjustor and a lawyer (if necessary) to rehabilitate your injuries, diminish your symptoms and return you as close as possible to your pre-accident status. ICBC may pay for all or some of your care.

Please inquire about our Family Plan. We strive to support the health of the entire family.

DVA, Military and RCMP provide coverage for your chiropractic care.

Performance Enhancement and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries.

Individual Exercise/Stretching Routines.

Wellness or Health Information Lectures. These are held at our office and provided at no charge. Patients are taught proper body mechanics to speed up their progress and maintain their positive results longer.

Nutritional Education.

Lifestyle and Stress Management Coaching.

Ergonomic Assessments and Corporate Programs. Dr. Kjaer provides ergonomic consultations, speeches or workshops to businesses and government. He lectures extensively on health and ergonomic issues. Call for Dr. Kjaer to speak to your business or association.

Speeches to service clubs and the public at large. Dr. Kjaer has presented on such topics as arthritis, running, injury prevention, etc. He has spoken to over 350 groups in his 17 years of practice. Some of these groups include Luther Court, Walk Smart, Investors Group, and Cannor Nurseries. Call for Dr. Kjaer to speak to your group.

Custom-made orthotics. Dr. Kjaer can assess whether these individualized shoe inserts or arch supports can benefit patients with feet problems or chronic low back conditions.

sEMG. This is a device that measures electrical activity or tension in muscles similar to an EKG which measures heart muscle activity. As with any diagnostic technique, results vary from person to person. This modern technology can help detect spinal misalignments and simply requires placing small probes against the skin of the back. The test takes less than a few minutes. Dr. Kjaer helps patients by correcting these misalignments.

Trust that we can help you.

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