In celebration of our annual Family Day events there will be a 50% reduced rate for a child’s initial consultation and examination between February 11 and 21, 2014. We do this to demonstrate Dr. Kjaer’s focus on helping children from Victoria and Vancouver Island.

An estimated 27 percent of children are injured every year (AM J Public Health). If you are a parent, you would figure that number to be closer to 99 percent! Considering the types of injuries that befall children, it is abundantly clear that chiropractic care has an important role to play in their proper development. For example, a study of 15-year old boys revealed that those with low back pain often develop serious spinal problems that worsen as time goes on (Spine).

We treat children every day. Watch a short video titled: “Dr. Kjaer: Children’s Chiropractor” to see why so many have come from recommendations of pediatricians, medical doctors and other families in Victoria and southern Vancouver Island.

Dr. Kjaer still always accepts new patients. No referral is required. Trust that he can help.

Call Dr. Kjaer, Victoria Family Chiropractor, at 250-477-4702 for an appointment so you and your children can benefit!