Low back pain is a sign that something is wrong! Low back pain results in untold suffering every day. Gardening can cause tissue damage and back pain. Dr. Kjaer treats a wide range of conditions, but much of his practice is treating and correcting low back pain. In fact, the most common reason people are referred to our office is for low back problems.

These are suggestions to minimize the risk of an injury:

  • Warm up first, know your limits and take frequent breaks.
  • Vary your activities and do not complete them all at one time.
  • Avoid repeated or prolonged bending – bend with your knees and not from your waist.
  • Get closer to the ground.
  • Do not bend and twist simultaneously.
  • Use your knees and not your back when lifting or standing up – keep your back straight.
  • Stand properly: back straight, shoulders back and equal weight on each leg.
  • Use long handled tools.
  • Lift properly: smaller loads close to the body.
  • Switch hands and directions often.
  • Avoid awkward positions and change positions often.
  • Avoid extreme reaches and use short strokes.
  • Minimize overhead work.
  • Kneel or sit rather than bend from your waist.
  • Proper mowing: keep shoulders back, stand behind mower and keep stomach muscles pulled tight.

Chiropractic treatments alleviate the tension that inevitably builds up from gardening. Function will improve and symptoms will decrease. Your gardening will be easier, more rewarding and you will minimize the risk of an injury.

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