Orthotics can help if you have…

  • Foot pain
  • Flat feet
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Uneven hips
  • High shoulder
  • Head tilt

The active lifestyle most people look forward to depends on proper mobility of the spine and extremities so when a patient presents spinal subluxations to Dr. Kjaer’s office a careful examination of the spine is necessary. Many structural problems observed in adults get started in childhood. Often overlooked is the importance of the feet to the normal function of the lower back. With 26 different bones, 22 muscles and over 100 ligaments, your feet are the basis for your entire muscular-skeletal system. Feet and legs must bear the weight of the entire body (and considerably more during some sports). Even little problems with your feet can cause a “chain reaction” of symptoms, including uneven shoe wear, fallen arches, irregular gait, back pain and even headaches!

After a thorough examination is conducted and if orthotics are recommended to make up for an anatomically short leg, feet that turn in or out, postural deviations, or other structural problems. Then, molds of your feet are created, standing in a weight-bearing position. Three-dimensional foot images are used to make custom-fitting corrective orthotics that slip into your shoes. Their unique size and shape are designed for you and your specific problem.

Custom orthotics are made in one of two ways:

  • Weight-bearing—where the measurements are taken with the patient standing up.
  • Non-weight-bearing—where the measurements are taken with the patient sitting or lying down, without any weight on the foot.

Dr. Kjaer uses the weight-bearing method as it has been shown to be the most reliable, accurate, and effective process for providing patients with optimal fit and support. The weight-bearing method takes the entire muscular-skeletal system into account. You’ll quickly get used to having these inserts in your shoes. Soon you’ll notice some wonderful health benefits.

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