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A long history of controversy comes to an end. Experts had argued that symptoms from a car accident were psychological. However, researchers have been able to find that damage to neck structures does occur.  Bogduk et al. showed that the prevalence of facet joint damage as a source of post-whiplash neck pain was 54%, thus making it the most common single cause of post-whiplash neck pain. These double-blind, randomized controlled studies are indisputable! To put it simply, this means that joints of the spine are damaged. Ligaments are over-stretched. Muscles tighten. Discs that sit between the bones are damaged and inflamed. There are multiple structures that are damaged and this is why healing takes time. What I have known for years becuse of my understanding of biomechanics can now be objectively demonstrated. Much more information to read on this topic: whiplash mechanics.

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