Our 3rd Annual Family Day celebrations will take place between February 10-13, 2015.

To encourage more parents to consider the importance of their child’s spine we are offering the initial visit at 1/2 price!

Red flags of stress and damage to your child’s spine include:

  • head often tilted to one side
  • restricted head or neck motion
  • disturbed sleep where baby sleeps for only one or two hours at a time
  • baby has little appetite
  • headaches
  • growing pains
  • uneven shoulders
  • head being carried forward

Dr. Kjaer, Victoria Family Chiropractor, has been treating children for over 22 years! Watch this short video titled “Dr. Kjaer: Children’s Chiropractor” to see why pediatricians, medical doctors and families from southern Vancouver Island refer children to him. They trust that he can help!

Read more at: victoriachiropractor.ca/your-familys-health/your-children

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